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Demo Browser version: https://metalseinen.com/Venus [ Note: Not optimized, may experience long loading times]

"Fastest way to win a cyber-war? Find the operator behind the computer and put an end to them!"

Military planners say that is the fastest way to win a cyber war...but what if the operator was not 'human'? What if it was an AI?  What if it was sentient?  What happens if it was created in the geo-politics of south asia?

What happens if the AI manipulates the sentiments and politics of humanity?

Come read the story of ' VENUS'  | An AI program created by the nation of Debal to wage cyber war and defense against nations. 

A story set in a fictional timeline and takes place in the nation state of 'Debal', a state which was formed in the 1950s in the region where Pakistan and India are today


A cast of characters from the south asian region bringing to you perspectives you might not have seen in other stories.  Come learn more about them to know their true intentions

Hasan Kamali

Hasan Kamali
Program lead on Venus or a Unwilling Pawn?

Sara Hui

Sara Hui

Lead Data Scientist or the real program lead?
Lead Data Scientist

Muavia Kurram

Muavia Kurram

Religious scholar or Right-wing activist? you decide

Lt. General Isaac

Lt. General Isaac

A Patriot or Dictator?


  • A story rich visual novel which tells the story of an artificial intelligence in the near future
  • Set in an  'Alternate timeline'  - what happens if in the 1940s Mohammad Ali Jinnah passed away before the British Partition of British India?
  • Visual novel dialogue system allowing ability to save, re-read and skip
  • For audiophiles, experience a sci-fi and rock soundtrack
  • Witness characters from the geo-political lens of south Asia; you will heard about it all in the news, but have you seen it in a game before?
  • Beautiful artwork and engaging story for an unforgettable experience
  • 2-3 hours of reading time throughout the visual novel

By METAL SEINEN: concept/writing by Zeeshan Shah, dialogue/script by John Adkins, programming/design by Sohail Farooqui, soundtrack by Saad Akhter, music by Arif Farooqi, art by Alita Li

Designed on the Visual Novel Maker by Degica inc


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I'm confused why this attempts to install to an F drive by default (decision-wise, not tech-wise; I'm aware that's what it states in the .iss config). Most Windows setups default to C drive. I'm not directly accusing you yet, but the only reason I can think to do that is to make a virus more difficult to find.

Thank you for the input; it is definitely the variables used  by the developer; will correct and adjust;
be assured this has used the Visual Novel Maker engine(https://visualnovelmaker.com/) to export the package